75 Rupees Coin | Indian currency includes 75 rupees coin; Know the special features….

The new 75 rupee coin was unveiled by the Prime Minister at the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament. According to the information given by the Union Finance Ministry, the weight of this coin is 34.65 to 35.35 grams. On one side of this coin there is a Lion of Ashoka pillar in the center. So, India is written in Devanagari script on the left. So, on the right is ‘India’ written in English. Also, below the lion of the Ashoka pillar is a rupee sign and the number 75 is written.

The diameter of this coin is 44 mm and this coin is made of four metals. It contains 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel and 5% zinc. The other side of the coin has a picture of Parliament. On the upper side it is written in Devanagari and on the lower side in English ‘Sansad Sankula’. Along with this, the year 2023 is printed on the lower side of the coin.

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